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Date: 2018-01-07 17:53.

Once the espresso is brewed, it's time to mix it. This is actually the tricky part. Don't worry, if you mess it up it won't effect the taste, it just won't have espuma (foam). The foam is kind of the trademark part of Cuban Coffee. It takes a few times to get it right, but like I said, it's still great even without the foam.

First add a little coffee to the sugar (It's hard to tell you how much, because I always do it by sight, but I think that it would be about two or three teaspoons worth.) Now mix the HECK out of it. It should almost look like a thick cream when you are done. If you mix it and it's still clumpy, add a little more espresso and mix some more.

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Thus, they learned how to boil it in water to drink it when they had to pray all night. The news was spread and the usage of coffee extended to Arabia, Egypt and Turkey.

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Using the first few drops is also how they make it where I work. I haven't noticed any difference in taste. I think it's usually done so you can froth the sugar while the espresso is brewing.

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OH MAN ever since I moved away from home (Miami) I've been obsessed with this stuff. I guess I'm trying to compensate for missing my culture back home. I still can't do a good job at the froth, but after reading your instructable I'll give it another go. CUBA LIBRE!!!!

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The main coffee areas were located in Santiago de Cuba, Las Villas, Candelaria and Las Terrazas in Pinar del Rio. Now on these areas we can find very interesting and valuable ruins showing the influence of the French culture in that region.

Holy shit he s not joking about the way Cubans talk. They just keep talking over each other until everyone is yelling. Sometimes I get worried like they are pissed off or there s gonna be a fight or something but no that s just how they talk.

In our days, the production of gourmet coffee of refined quality is exclusively directed to well selected markets. That’s why the most exquisite connoisseurs know about the existence of this weird jewel, the Cuban Coffee.

As I said before, if you have an automatic espresso machine, then just use that to brew the espresso. This step is for those who want to do it in a stovetop espresso maker.

A stovetop espresso maker consists of three parts.
6. The base, where you put the water
7. The strainer, where you put the espresso grounds.
8. The top, which collects the brewed espresso.

First fill the base with water. Stop right before the little release hole. (You can see it in the picture near my thumb.) Second put the strainer in and fill with espresso. Level it off with the spoon. Finally screw the top on tight and put it on the burner. (Put the maker on the burner and then turn the burner on. Don't heat the burner up and then put the maker on.)

Memories of Buenos Aires 'batido' which is a simpler method without any percolator and uses instant so it's only when you don't have the home for proper coffee!
Put your favourite amount of coffee & sugar into the small , add just a few drops of cold water and 'mix the heck out of as you say!
Pour hot water just before it boils and from a height if you can and stir.
There should be a nice 'crema ' foam espuma whatever you like to call it :)

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