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Thor’s Hammer: Harley-Davidson Street 750 flat tracker

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Foster slapped him in the face to check if he was real, and then one more time for taking three years to visit her even though he was on Earth during the Battle of New York. Thor noted that he had spent the time battling against the Marauders who had threatened the Nine Realms while keeping the peace throughout Asgard , an excuse that Foster soon accepted as Thor noted that he had done everything within his power to protect her from dangers of the universe.

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While Sif and Volstagg delayed the guards, Thor attempted to get the Dark Elf Harrow going, while Loki continued to criticize him, much to Thor's great annoyance. Once they got going, Thor flew the Harrow across Asgard with the Einherjar chasing after him. Loki continued mocking him, especially when he destroyed a statue of Bor. Nearing their exit point, Thor flew out beside the Bifrost Bridge , pushed out Loki and jumped out himself with a sick Foster in his arms.

The Incident at Thor's Oak

Thor awoke in a hospital with a man over him saying he that was about to take some blood. Unaware of his surroundings and having seemingly forgotten that he no longer had his Asgardian strength, Thor attacked the hospital staff and security guards, furious that they had dared to attack him by attempting to take his blood. Taking on dozens of the staff members, Thor yelled that they were no match for the son of Odin before being sedated by the hospital staff.

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Thor was then sent through the Bifrost Bridge arriving onto Earth in a wormhole , which was being studied by Doctor Jane Foster as well as Doctor Erik Selvig and their understudy Darcy Lewis. Thor stood only to be knocked over by the truck they were driving, much to the horror of the scientists. Thor quickly awoke, eventually realizing he was on Earth, and began shouting to Heimdall to open the Bifrost and return him and then demanded to know which of the Nine Realms he was currently in. The humans believed Thor to be crazy and when Lewis threatened Thor with a taser, he was disgusted at her actions before she then tasered him and knocked him unconscious.

Still suffering from the effects along with the rest of the team, Thor was forced to make a quick escape to the Quinjet to recover his mind while Iron Man was forced to stop the Hulk 's current destructive rampage through Johannesburg, as Bruce Banner was also affected by Wanda Maximoff's powers. While onboard the Quinjet, the unaffected Barton updated Maria Hill and explained he would take the team somewhere safe where they could all recover. [67]

“Buried underneath a bunch of government-mandated features, frumpy parts and plastic farkles is a pretty great motorcycle,” he reckons. “The motor itself is based on the Harley firing pattern we all know and love. The six-speed transmission means, well, it simply it has one more gear!”

Thor proved himself a great warrior, often leading his own band of warriors, which included Lady Sif , Loki , and the Warriors Three on adventures. However, he was also known to be reckless when Loki jokingly reminded him that he would be dead had he not used a smoke veil to allow them to escape during one battle. [9] Thor also defeated Imir , a rogue Asgardian who threatened to take control of Asgard and kidnapped several Dwarves. While Imir managed to get the upper hand on Thor, he was eventually defeated when Thor electrocuted him with Mjølnir , giving Thor yet another victory to his name and increasing his large ego. [7]

Thor went through quite an ordeal over the course of this storyline, even being forced to tear out his own eyes and repeat the ritual that gave Odin his incredible power. Thor emerged from this trial stronger than ever, but even with a repaired Mjolnir, he couldn't prevent Asgard's inevitable destruction. Thor had to content himself with the knowledge that he finally ended the constant cycle of death and rebirth that feeds the cosmic beings known as "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow." And with that victory came a well-deserved rest. Thor wouldn't appear again in the regular Marvel Universe for almost three years.

Thor then promised to show Foster the Bifrost Bridge and flew her to the Bifrost site. When Thor asked Heimdall for the Bifrost to open so that he could return to Asgard , Heimdall did not respond, due to him having been betrayed by Loki and frozen with the Casket of Ancient Winters. Eventually Heimdall opened the Bridge and Thor then said goodbye to Foster with a kiss, vowing to return for her. The Warriors Three and Lady Sif arrived and they all returned to Asgard. [9]

Thor's body was taken over by the water spirits who claimed only a human sacrifice would stop Ultron and noting that the Scepter would be key. [69] Thor became engulfed with lightning and saw nightmarish visions of the destruction of Asgard and the deaths of all of his close friends including Heimdall. He also saw strange visions of the Infinity Stones and the birth of a new being which could help them destroy Ultron. With all this new information, Thor flew back to the Avengers Tower to inform the rest of team of what he had learned. [67]

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