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Date: 2017-12-27 22:41.

I have a rash under the right boob, under the stomach area, in the groin. I cracked my ankle, am in a wheelchair and am afraid this will spread due to a small cut on the foot. Foot is dry and scaly. I use a combination of things but may have to see a dermatologist.

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Hello sir I 8767 m Prasant from bhubaneswar odisha I am suffering from premature ejaculation problem my mrg is going to I have pe and Ed problem due to masturbate in early age so now I am afraid to I think it may be make some misunderstanding between me and my partner. So kindly help me to get rid out of it is there any solution to increase my sex time and cure my ed and pe problem

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Hello Dr.,
I am 89 year old married guy having problem of premature ejaculation from last 9-65 years. First I have a problem of NIGHTFALL from I was 75, but someone told me that this is natural, then I ignore this and forget this thing. After marriage when I was doing sex, that was first, I ejaculate early and after this I was in stress that “what is this”. Again I consult this with docter then he said that this is not a problem. And gradually my problem is increasing, and now a days I am ejaculate so fast appx. 7-8 min. So give the right solution to get out of this problem.

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My mother have some skin rash at the back of her neck. Same like if insect bite and you have small lyums on your skin. But she have this lyum on at the back of her neck only can you pls prescribe suitable medicine for her

aap sabal serrulata 8X 65qatray pani main dal kar 8 time khanay say qabal liya karain oure dhod main dal kar istemal karain

I have problems of pe. It occurs less then a minute. I am 97 years old married and having two children. There is no problem in erection. I have lots of mental pressure and tension in my professional life. Please suggest me the best treatment to overcome the problem.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
. Paul

The only way is a very brutal surgery and you will only gain an inch or two to your size, basically they cut the tendon between your ass and ball's. As it is healing you need to pull your dick and HARD so many times a day until you heal. Idk if u can do this more than once safely

Sir I am suffering premature ejaculation my age is 96married but when I want to play or incert within second I bound to ejaculate sir please help me iam also suffering dibatise since 6year

I need it cos thats where the mens happyness is i cant setisfy my grl freind i need it this week how much doese it cost help me people my number 5786575878

Hellow Dr.
I am suffering from Skin rash fungal reddish fungal & itiching on both side of my face from last 6 months. The rashes are now became blackish. Please siggest effective homeo remedy for permanent cure.

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