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When the decay of the Multiverse started aggravating, the Odinson joined Sunspot's Avengers to help him find a way to stop it. [655] Thor and the other volunteer Avengers stepped into a machine capable of transporting individuals across the Multiverse , in hopes of finding the source of its' decay. [656]

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According to the severed eye of Odin, it was Odin himself who later caused Thor to live on Earth in the mortal guises of the Germanic heroes Siegmund and his son, Siegfried. In these two roles, Thor played a major role in Odin's efforts to regain the dangerously powerful Ring of the Nibelung. The warrior Hunding killed Siegmund, but Thor was reborn as Siegfried, the son of Siegmund and his lover Sieglinda. Siegfried took possession of the Ring after killing the giant Fafnir , who guarded it in the guise of a dragon (this Fafnir is not to be confused with the former king of Nastrond ).

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Thor watched how Loki was furious that Avengers arrived in Asgard and calling out Hoarfen. Thor made a remark about that he still did not win even with the Odinforce. The Hoarfen was pushed into the throne room, where the Avengers, Faradei, Sif and Warriors Three arrived. They fought each other and Thor watched when they were easily defeated by the might of Loki. They were about to be finished off until Iron Man appeared with his Uru Armor and distracted Loki. Thor was eventually freed by Hawkeye and ordered him, Ant-Man and Black Panther to go after the source of Loki's power the Yggdrasil, while he goes after Loki.

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Thor and Loki then regrouped with Lady Sif who had successfully rescued Jane Foster while Heimdall was still distracting Odin at Heimdall's Observatory. Once Thor had thanked Sif and Volstagg for agreeing to stay behind and keep the Einherjar at bay, he, Foster and Loki then boarded the Dark Elf Harrow which had crash-landed into the Asgardian Palace. Sif and Volstagg both first personally took the chance to threaten Loki if he even tried to betray Thor.

Soon after returning, Thor found the first of the lost Asgardians, Heimdall , and restored him to his true form. In Africa , Thor restored the Warriors Three to their true forms. Later, Thor attempted to free several captured Asgardians who were still trapped in mortal form from The Destroyer. He unknowingly freed Loki, reborn as a woman, who was working with Dr. Doom to allow Thor to free him from his mortal form. Although Thor successfully restored most of the Asgardians, he did not attempt to find his father. During the Odinsleep, Thor had a vision in which he discovered that on a subconscious level he did not do so because he wished to be free of his father, and that Odin fought an eternal cycle of battle with Surtur, dying and being reborn each day, between life and death. [69]

As a storm approached Svartalfheim , Thor and Jane Foster took shelter inside a cave as Foster told Thor that Malekith planned to use the Aether 's power to destroy the world, having seen it in a vision. Thor comforted her that it was not her fault, but was interrupted when Richard called her on the phone, which seemed to be impossible as she and Richard were separated between realms.

Thor entered and took down agents Jackson and Delancey before being noticed and began making his way towards Mjølnir which was being studied in the middle of the base by . scientists. However Jasper Sitwell eventually raised the alarm when the agents failed to call in. Thor then began taking down guard after guard, even without any of his former Asgardian strength all his fighting skills still outmatched many of the Agents who challenged him.

Thor continued to suffer from visions of the citizens of Asgard dying in some kind of a war which seemed to involve the Infinity Stones. He was confronted by the ghostly figure of Heimdall who blamed him for killing them all while a mysterious hooded figure watched while Thor fired bolts of destructive lightning from his body, getting flashes of the creation of Vision and the Infinity Gauntlet which would one day house all of the Infinity Stones and bring destruction.

Telepathy Immunity: Thor has the ability to resist the mental influence of powerful beings. He resisted a mind thrust attack of the Rigellians, [755] the magical music of Ares, a mental attack from Glory, Morgana le Fay's attempt to dominate his mind, resisted the power of the Eye of Horus, and the mind blast of the Super-Beast. [756]

When Captain America intervened and broke up the fight, he pointed out that they should not be fighting with each other. When he asked Thor to put Mjølnir down, Thor erupted into a rage and in response, Thor knocked Iron Man back and brought Mjølnir down on Captain America, who blocked it with his shield which absorbed the impact, sending Thor flying backwards. As the warriors recovered from the shockwave, Thor realized, upon seeing all the destruction he had helped to cause, that they had the same goal to stop Loki 's plan and protect Earth , so stopped fighting and formed an alliance. [65]

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