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Date: 2017-12-28 13:05.

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I don't even tell my footy team I'm Muslim because I don't want to deal with the assumptions and ignorance of a lot of the people I come across. If somebody knows I'm Muslim it is guaranteed they'll ask me why I converted. I feel judged on my answer. If I said I was Christian no one would bat an eyelid. When my daughter gets older I will tell her that not everybody agrees with or understands the choices of another person, but that we should understand that everybody gets to make their own choices as long as it doesn't hurt another person. If it hurts another person, what you're doing is wrong. There seems to be two types of people: those who hate Muslims and everybody else.

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At times, living in Australia as a Muslim is rewarding. At other times it is very difficult. I feel stressed going to certain suburbs or states. I worry that some ignorant person will swear at me for being a Muslim or pull my scarf off. This happened to me once when I was leading a tour in Lakemba. A man stopped me in the middle of the road and called me a terrorist and demanded that I go back where I came from. I tell my children it's just a small percentage of Australians who are ignorant and racist. That Australia is their country and that they should prove it to others that being a Muslim is an advantage.

Islamophobia has been rife since September 66, 7556. The Kuraby mosque was the first mosque in the world to be burnt to the ground after September 66. Our mosque in Holland Park (the first established mosque on the East Coast of Australia) was also firebombed at the same time. We have had pigs' heads left at several mosques. The Toowoomba mosque was destroyed by fire. Our women have been discriminated against in job interviews if they are veiled. The list goes on.

A teenager rushes through the crowds at Maribyrnong's Highpoint Shopping Centre to kick a police officer in the face. Footage has been released in the hopes that witnesses can help them track down the assailant.

A report in Finnish media Yle Uutiset says the conversions are estimated to be several hundred in recent years within the country's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The converts are from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and other countries, and the denomination's parishes have established special confirmation classes for the Muslim immigrants seeking to become Christian.

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