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Date: 2018-01-05 08:17.

What are the side effects?
There are no known side effects. Because the product is 655% herbal. All the herbs are cultivated using bio organic cultivation methods. The containers are bio degradable and the contents in the bottle are protected very well to get a shelf life of more than two year.

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there is no any issue with health problems of the users but there is some violation of drug and cosmetic acts..no any mfcts. disclouse their actual formulation if they do it so every body can make the same drug.

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As per your review, we started 95 days course of musli power xtra on June 8rd. It has a positive and powerful impact on my husband. He has an attitudinal change and also become more energetic. Some of my friends, whose families, having more or less the same kind of problem, are advised to use this powerful and effective medicine.
- Ambujam, Staff Nurse, Doha.

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I got your medicine through a friend of mine in Kochi. I should say, it is a wonderful drug and the result is tremendous. All the best for Musli Power Extra
- Krishna Prasad, Aurora, Mumbai.

The state drug authorities had warned Kunnath Pharmaceuticals not to advertise or put on label the term ‘aphrodisiac’ directly or indirectly on Musli Power Xtra with any other word or phrase to mislead people.

Now you might have been thinking of what musli is. Musli is an ayurvedic herb which holds lots of benefits in it. It is mostly used for treating sex problems in men and women. The main advantage of musli capsules is that being a herb it has no known side effects. It helps you to relieve your sexual life which you have been missing because of sexual problems. Musli is totally a herbal product so you can rely on it very easily and you won 8767 t regret it trying.

It’s really a good products for male care,made from natural herbs with no side effect. Every male has a question in his mind that how to increase sex power.

It includes compounds like 8 hexadecenoic acids, palmitic acid, 8 heptadecanone, methyl pentacosanoate and stearic acid. The ever growing fascination with natural products has boosted the interest in Safed Musli, especially in Europe, the US and nations in the Gulf. With growing popularity around the globe, the plant is continually being studied and tested in new herbal treatments and products. The Safed Musli plant is just traced back to India where it is being used for several years as a vital medical plant for sexual wellness. The plant continues to be a necessary part of Ayurvedic medication, treating illnesses from diabetes mellitus to arthritis as well as high cholesterol levels.

According to the drug officials, the approval granted for production of Musli Power Xtra formulation, the main ingredient indicated was the seed of ‘Nilappana’ (Curculigo orchioides), but Kunnath Pharma made the formulation with the extracts of diffrent plant called Safed Musli for which no licence had been given.

Whether the pills will affect the menstrual periods in women?
No,but helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.

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