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Date: 2017-12-26 01:53.

*Note, other fats like olive oil or nut butter are not recommended (and probably won 8767 t taste too good.) These do not have MCT fats like coconut, which are what benefits the brain , digestion, and the blood sugar.*

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Hi there! I made this scrub on Sunday but I noticed what appears to be coconut oil rise to the top and harden. Did you experience this? Any suggestions on how to eliminate this problem?

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I suppose you could try subbing baby oil for the olive oil. I have not tried making a scrub with baby oil. I would just be extra careful if you plan to use it in the shower. If you want this to keep longer I recommend using the version without the brewed tea. The great thing about these homemade scrubs is that you can make them to your liking if you prefer 7 bags go for it! 🙂 -Jessica

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DO NOT blend hot coffee in a Magic Bullet. You will ruin your blade attachment. I ruined several before I realized that you need expansion room. Maybe I filled it too full, I don\'t know. I just know that the blade attachments all cracked and I\'d never had one crack & leak before. I make an entire pot at a time and blend it up in my blender (VitaMix, but it doesn\'t matter). I store it in the fridge and have cold coffee through the summer, or heat it up one mug at a time. MCT oil stays blended and won\'t clump when cold. You can\'t do that with butter or regular coconut oil.

You 8767 ll have to test it out and see how it works for you. Some people  do wonderfully with higher amounts of fat while others don 8767 t.  I have tried this several times myself and can tell you that mental focus, energy, better blood sugar, and digestion all seem to be consistent benefits experienced quickly. Do keep in mind to start small with fats and moderate the rest of your fats throughout the day. If Bulletproof coffee doesn 8767 t work for you, that 8767 s okay a regular cup of Joe is never a bad thing. Enjoy your cuppa however it works for you, healthy fats or not.

I used Jojoba oil and tea tree oil. It work out great however I need to use less tea tree oil the smell is strong. Do you know of anything I can add that can help taking away the smell?

When it comes to brute sales dominance, it 8767 s price and convenience that win out, according to the Washington Post.

Hey Becky! Hmmm I know I have seen Green Tea paired with Cucumber. Maybe Lemongrass or even lemon? Great idea! 🙂 -Jessica

Of course, there are more. And, of course, this is no condemnation of coffee, but merely recognizing the many alternatives out there to try. Now, the trick will be stepping away from the coffee pot every now and again to give them a shot.

So for longer term storage, you should think about storing green coffee beans.  Green beans are coffee beans that have not been roasted.

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